Rise of the Runelords

Rise of the Runelords.

Chapter 3 - The Hook Mountain massacre (Ongoing)

6 months have passed since Meakous disappearance. In that time, the Guardians have received messages from all over Varisia: reports of portals and demons The group does what it can, spending a great deal o time flying around the country stopping portals from opening, and ending minor demon incursions. The Remnants of the cult cause minor problems as well, though nothing pushes the mystery any further to its completion. If the Runelords are indeed returning, the Guardians ar enot sure how or when this will happen. They are also plagued with various ‘minor’ problems; given their reputation, they sometimes receive messages that a new piece of evidence has been uncovered, or a new portal has opened, only to arrive at their destination to find the locals just want some free help from a famous adventuring band. Consequently, it has been a tiring few months for our heroes.

After the mission in Magnimar and the defeat of Xanesha, the group has noticed the relationship between alle and Dust was strained, and eventually broke. After Meakou left, Dust spent a lot of time away form the group outside of missions, and even a lot of time away from Sandpoint. While he has returned, he now lives at the Rusty Dragon, though he is always available when needed. Alle also took some time away about 3 months into the time, for a week. Since then you have noticed they are either sniping at each other, or painfully polite, though the tension is relatively minor and hasnt seemed to affect the teams performance to greatly…. yet.

Jak Jak has become noteably more annoyed with the false starts to missions, and has pulled away from the group more and more. While still cheerful on the surface, he has become a much more reclusive member of the group.

Choele has been gone most of the last few months, having returned home to visit his Shamen mentor. He returns just before the latest mission seemingly refreshed and ready to work.

A portal was reported in an old temple at the foot of the Wyvern mountains not to far from the town of Spireshadow. The group has gone to investigate and discovered this isn’t one of those false alarms; this is definitely a demon portal. They battle a group of Fire Drakes who have made their home in the mountain. After Bella manages to close the portal, mysterious feedback of some kind shakes the cave and brings it down, just as our heroes make their escape aboard the Blackjak. After a feast at the nearby town, the group answered a letter from their old friend Shalelu Andosana, who asked the group to meet her in the (somewhat) nearby town of Turtleback Ferry.
Session 2:
As The team was doing some preliminary planning aboard the Blackjak, they flew into a severe storm where a lightning strike caused sever damage. Making it to dry land, but losing 2 crew members, the team realizes that until they can find some dry wood of sufficient size, the ‘Jak is stuck in Claybottom Lake.
They head into town, where Alle splits off to assist a stable master herd his horses out of the rain, and the rest of the group head to find a nearby inn. They have been inside on a few minutes (Waiting for Shelalu to return), when Dust spots a familiar sigil tattooed on the arm of a man at a nearby table; The Sihedron Rune! After some harsh questioning, the group receives information that the rune is on the bodies of several townsfolk; It was the mark of people who frequented, and were preferred customers, of the Pleasure ship ’Paradise.’ A hive of Vice and gambling, it was run by a beautiful redhead named Lucrecia. However 5 weeks before the party arrived, the bat suddenly sunk, with 24 people aboard, including Lucrecia herself. The reasons for the accident have yet to be determined, though some townsfolk blame a mysterious lake Monster called The Black Magga.
Townspeople who were met:
Cestern – The bar keep, who is suspicious of you
Lisa – His wife, who is a pious woman who worships Erastil (As do most in town)
Mayor Maelin Shreed – The Mayor and loyal priest of Erastil. he is initially suspicious of the heroes, but is willing to give them a chance and take them at their word that the tattoos are dangerous
Colin – man scared who pissed his pants when Dust Confronted him
Jackie – Colins Wife
Billy – Knocked out by Khoura, also has a Rune Tattoo (RT)
Albert – Was also in the bar when the incident occured, no seen tattoo
Dave – came in after the altercation. Dust spoke with him about his rune. he got drunk and went to Maaelin to have it removed, with Lukes help.
Tracey – Dave’s wife
Luke – Came in with his friend Dave, and helped him out later

JakJak and Khoura returned to the Blackjak for the niht, whle the rest of the team took rooms for the night. In the morning, the group agreed to assist Shalelu in going to the nearby fort Rannick to speak to the local Rangers, The Black Arrows who haven’t been seen or heard from in 5 weeks (The last message was only a few days before the sinking of the paradise in fact. On their way there, they hear the wounded cries of a Firepelt and investigate. They are somewhat started to come upon an Ogrekin and his giant dogs speaking of prisoners and the horrors that lie in wait for them…



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