Rise of the Runelords

Rise of the Runelords

Chapter 2 Summary


Alle, Bela and Meakou are thrown to Shieldwall, Alle’s hometown. With the help of some local heroes, the group helps push back an advance by the Orc army, and saves the king from an assassination attempt. The group is then pulled back to the Thistletop dungeon room, where they wake up next to the boys, who have no memory of what happened to them. The group returns to Sandpoint, and have a relatively quiet 6 months. They have a new house built that they all live in, and do further research into rthe Runelords, with the help of a local ‘expert’ named Brodert Quint. However the group is spurred back into action by a series of myserious murders in Sandpoint, most recently Shayliss sister Katrine and her lover in the Swmill. After some investigating, the group uncovers a rune carved on the victom, which Brodert identifies as ‘The Sihedron Rune” and represents the 7 virtues and seven sins, and also has ties to the Runelords. The group decides to head to a nearby asylum,, where the lone survivor of the murders has been sent, though he appeared ill at the time. When they arrive, they discover that the man has become a Ghoul… and also that the man running the asylum is a necromancer. They put a stop to this, and return to Sandpoint.

However soon they are sent out again, this time to look into mysterious deaths that sound very similar to the murders in the nearby farmlands. After a harrowing ordeal with a group of ghouls that siege a local barn, the group picks up clues that lead them to foxglove manor, the ancestral home of their old friend Aldern. Here they find a nightmare haunted house full of Ghosts and monstrous creatures, and batrtle their way forward to eventually encounter the Skinsaw murderer himself; Aldern Foxglove, transformed into a monsterous Ghast! They defeat Foxglove, and cleanse the spirits from the house, but also encounter startling evidence that Aldern was but a pawn in the larger scheme of a group of cultists operating out of the grand city of Magnimar! The group heads back to Sandpoint to heal and rest before they move on to the next part of their quest. When they get back, Jak Jak reveals that he has discovered a mysterious truth: Senestro is not who he claims to be, ut is actually his brother Chole! When the men were sent through a portal, they were sent to slave camp where his brother was being held. After a short time, the group made an escape, but Chole replaced his brother in desperation, using a magic ring to take on his appearance. When the group returned, he had amnesia like the others, and was told who he was. Using the information he was told, along with Senestros own journals ins and point, he convinced himself that he WAS Senestro. As soon as the truth came out, Bela summoned senstro using her magic bracelet. In the months he had been held, Senestro had lost a hand and leg, but was glad to finally be free. Chole chose to stay with the group moving forwards. Before the group can leave again the town is attacked by a group of pirates! The Guardians fight off the invaders, and even manage to capture their ship, which Jak Jak becomes the new Captain of. With the help of Rumar and some local sailors, the group soon heads out in their new ship, Christened ‘The Blackjak.’ They soon arrive in Magnimar, and follow the trail of the cultists. Various events happen during this time; Rumar accidentally kills a local woman during the course of a battle in a city street, and she is brought back in an Assimari form by Bela, Allesdandra and Rumar both have communal moments with their Gods, and are changed, the group defeat the cult in a Sawmill near the poor district of Ordella, and The Blackjak is blessed by the Gods and given some. Unusual new features. The Guardians also uncover Justice Ironbriar as a higher up in the cult, and defeat him, gaining the appreciation of Bayl Argentine, the head of the 13 Justices n the city, and Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Groraras, the corrupt head of the city. However the group still has one task left to them; Hunting down the true cult leader, the monstrous Lamia Matriach Xanehsa, who has been pulling the strings all along! The group travels to the Underbridge, and barely defeats Xanesha in an old clocktower, losing Dusts wolf companion Nashoba in the process. The group is honoured by the mayor, and made Guardians of Varisia; They now have authority to deal with threats in the name of the country itself. They take the Blackjak back to Sandpoint (And discover it can fly!) and return to rest. However upon their arrival they are met by a mysterious lady nathed in light; The matriarch of the Maratan people and Meakous superior Amella! She is disappointed in what has happened to Meakou, who has been drinking heavily and no longer making coherent notes. While the group attempts to defend her, Amella summons countless creatures around the entire town, forcing the group to watch as Meakou disappears in a bolt of lightning, leaving her Idalon Khorra in her stead to assist the group in further adventures.



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